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Welcome to the World of Deallionaires! We believe that happiness is a choice and you can choose to be happy by creating and celebrating lots and lots of happy moments. Life is a just sum of all the special moments that you create for yourself and your loved ones. So, we have come up with this unique concept where we will continue to motivate you to enjoy more and create more and more happy moments for yourself and your closed ones. Deallionaires will bring to you unique deals in your favourite outlets for completely free in order to motivate you to enjoy more. Not only that, you will continue to be rewarded with better deals by our unique Deallionaires Club feature and the Special Deal feature. In a nutshell, the more deals you use the better deals you continue to receive from Deallionaires. Is not it amazing? continue reading...

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    You can search and browse through all available deals by merchant name, category or location and choose the ones you like.

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    Once you have choosen a deal, click on "Book The Deal ". You can pre-book from any location for using it anytime within that day.

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    Present your deal booking confirmation to the merchant at the time of purchase and the merchant enters the Merchant Key.


What is Deallionaires Club?

Deallionaires Club is the unique mechanism developed by Deallionaires to reward users with better deals. For our merchant partners who agree to use and have set up the Deallionaires Club feature, you will directly become a top most tier user of the merchant the moment you complete any of the deals with the merchant. As a top most tier user of the merchant you will have the best privileges and access over the best deals created by the merchant for its top most tier customers. However, your access to any of the tiers will have an expiry date and you need to visit the merchant before the expiry date to extend the expiry date. Each time you complete a transaction your club expiry date gets extended based on your transaction amount. On the day of expiry for a specific club, the system will assign you to the next best club set by the merchant. A merchant can set upto 4 clubs from 1D to 4D (Your club with the merchant is shown by number of engrossed D-coins on a Blue colour ribbon) where 4D is the top most club followed by 3D, 2D and 1D. Once you are in 1D club there is no expiry date for the club and you can continue to get the deals created by the merchant for 1D club. In case you are not in the top most club of the merchant but make a purchase above a threshold level, the system will reward you by automatically upgrading your club. Where the automated system will take care of your club extension and all club changes, you only need to ensure that you continue using Deallionaires while visiting the merchant in order to get the privileges you are entitled to. In a nutshell, the more you deals you use, the higher club you get mapped with and better deals and privileges you continue to get as rewards. continue reading...


What is a Special Offer

Special offer is a feature provided by Deallionaires to provide you some of the best deals which are unique to you. Any special deals created by our merchant partners is a unique deal only for the users who meet the merchants targeted customer criteria. All the special deals are mapped one to one basis and so, it is not necessary that any special deal that you have received, your friend also will receive and vice versa. Deallionaires will try to assign the best special deals by matching your purchase behavior with the merchants targeted customer base. It is possible that at a given time you have not received any special deal as the current special deals are targeted towards a different user base. All you can do to maximize the chance of getting the special deals is by using the Deallionaires system more for all your purchases. continue reading...