Frequently Asked Questions
Yes it is absolutely free and there is no subscription required.
No. You do not need to purchase any deal from Deallionaires. Just book it for free and claim it from the merchant during your purchase of item/services from the merchant.
Once you visit or contact the merchant, you need to make payment directly to the merchant for the product/service purchased as per the offer price.
This type of deal can be used only one time by a customer. One time deals, once used by a customer will disappear from his view list.
This deal can be used only once across all branches together. So, if it is used for one branch, it cannot be used for any other branch.
The deal which is currently going on. Ongoing deal can be used by the same users as many times as he wants till the end date or availability for usage.
In-house deals are the ongoing promotion by the merchant which is available to all the customers.
In-house deals can be used at the merchant site without Deallionaires app also as they will be available to all the customers of the merchant. However, claiming an in-house deal through Deallionaires will assign/extend/upgrade your Deallionaires club with merchant if he is using Deallionaires club feature. Even if the merchant does not use Deallionaires club, claiming it through Deallionaires will also help you in getting any attractive special deal in the future. The more you use Deallionaires the higher is the chance of getting special deal rewards.
Exclusive Deals are the deals offered by a merchant to Deallionaires users. These deals are not available for normal walk-in customers and available only to Deallionaires users.
Usually the Merchant will set the Usage Based deal. So any usage based deal can be claimed by customer having the same or higher usage based category level. Like, 4D customer can claim 1D-4D all category based deals. But 2D customer can claim only 1D and 2D deals but not 3D or 4D deals.
If the deal belongs to a higher Deallionaires club level than your current club level mapping with the merchant, the deal will show as inactive for your login.
No. Upcoming deal cannot be booked. It can be viewed. Only an on-going deal can be booked.
It is not mandatory that all deals should have end date. You can check it in the deal details screen whether the deal has any end date. Deal without any end date will be available till either all the available number of deals are not redeemed or the merchant puts an end date later.
Yes. For any deal, Merchant has option to change the end date based on Merchant's need.
When a deal is created by a merchant, he/she can set the booking limit of a deal. Say, for a deal if the limit is set as 10, and totally 7 are claimed. In this case, 7 Deals are redeemed and 3 Deals are remaining. You can book the deal till the time all deals are not claimed and deal remaining is not 0.
The deal can be booked 10 times max by 10 different customers. 1 customer can book it only 1 time as the name says.
You will see the Book button for a Deal only when the Deal is shown as active and available for you to book. A deal may not be available for various reason like the deal club is higher than your Deallionaires club mapping with the merchant or the deal is future dated etc.
Deallionaires Club is the unique mechanism developed by Deallionaires to reward users with better deals. For our merchant partners who agree to use and have set up the Deallionaires Club feature, you will directly become a top most tier user of the merchant the moment you complete any of the deals with the merchant. As a top most tier user of the merchant you will have the best privileges and access over the best deals created by the merchant for its top most tier customers. However, your access to any of the tiers will have an expiry date and you need to visit the merchant before the expiry date to extend the expiry date. Each time you complete a transaction your club expiry date gets extended based on your transaction amount. On the day of expiry for a specific club, the system will assign you to the next best club set by the merchant. A merchant can set upto 4 clubs from 1D to 4D (Your club with the merchant is shown by number of engrossed D-coins on a Blue colour ribbon) where 4D is the top most club followed by 3D, 2D and 1D. Once you are in 1D club there is no expiry date for the club and you can continue to get the deals created by the merchant for 1D club. In case you are not in the top most club of the merchant but make a purchase above a threshold level, the system will reward you by automatically upgrading your club. Where the automated system will take care of your club extension and all club changes, you only need to ensure that you continue using Deallionaires while visiting the merchant in order to get the privileges you are entitled to.
By being an active member of Deallionaires and using deals from a merchant you get a chance to upgrade your Deallionaires club with the merchant. While you purchase above a certain amount you will be automatically upgraded to the next higher club by the system. If you belong to the top most club then no more upgrade will happen but every purchase will extend the expiry date of your club and you can avail the benefits for longer time.
Navigate to 'Deallionaires Club' screen to view the expiry date of a Deallionaires club. You can also see the same in the merchant details page.
Using a deal before the expiry of a Deallionaires club will prevent you from downgrading. Your club expiry date will be reset and extended after each transaction.
Yes and No. As long as the deal belongs to a club which is lower than your existing club you can use that deal. But, if the deal is for a higher club customers you will not be able to use the deal and it will appear in your screen differently and as an inactive deal.
Any special deals created by our merchant partners is a unique deal only for the users who meet the merchant's targeted customer criteria. Deallionaires will try to assign the best special deals by matching your purchase behavior with the merchant's targeted customer base. It is possible that at a given time you have not received any special deal as the current special deals are targeted towards a different user base. All you can do to maximize the chance of getting the special deals is by using the Deallionaires system more for all your purchases.
Yes only if the merchant has mentioned in the deal terms that this deal is available for delivery.
Based on customer needs, the respective merchant will be responsible for product delivery. Deallionaires is not doing any product delivery.
After booking a deal which is available for delivery, you need to call the merchant and place an order and share your delivery details with the merchant for it to deliver. You need to provide details of your booking reference for the merchant to complete the deal on Deallionaires. Please note that the delivery facility is provided by the merchant only and Deallionaires is responsible for any delivery issues.
Deallion points are similar to loyalty points that you earn when you use a loyalty deal provided by the merchant.
There will be specific Deallion points for a specific deal (Loyalty deals). If you book this type of deals, you will get Deallion points.
You can redeem the Deallion points earned earlier at the time of completing a deal. To complete your transaction, navigate to 'Claim Your Deal' screen. There will be option to utilize the Deallion points. Ask the merchant's representative in order to redeem the Deallion points in full or partial based on your decision.
1000 Deallion points - 1 BD As simple as that!
Apart from Deallion points offered by Merchant, Deallionaires gives App level points from time to time that can be redeemed along with Merchant level Deallion points earned for a merchant (if Merchant accepts app level Deallion points) while completing a deal.
The Deallion points earned with a Merchant by using loyalty deals from the Merchant are the merchant level loyalty points. You will earn different loyalty points with different merchants.
App level Deallion points can be redeemed along with Merchant level Deallion points earned for a merchant (if Merchant accepts app level Deallion points) while completing a deal. When you initiate to redeem Deallion points available at the time of completing a deal, first the merchant level Deallion points are redeemed and then the app level Deallion points are redeemed if the merchant accepts app level Deallion points.
No. It is not possible. Deallion points with one merchant can be used only for that merchant.
This is fixed deallion points defined by a merchant for one deal. For example, for a deal if the merchant offers 1000 Deallion points, when you use the deal, you receive 1000 Deallion points (=1 BD) against that merchant for redeeming against any future payment.
These deals will earn you loyalty points based on your purchase amount. For example, if the deal says get 100 Deallion points for every purchase of 1 BD and if your net purchase amount is 5 BD. You earn 500 Deallion points.
If the deal says get 100 Deallion points for every purchase of 1 BD and if your net purchase amount is 5 BD. You earn 500 Deallion points.
Yes, it is customized. You can redeem the points partially too as per your wish when you are completing your deal.
After you book any available deal, you have to complete it. This can be done by navigating to "Pending Deals' screen -> click on 'Claim to Complete'. Then you will get a pop-up to be filled by the Merchant. Once this is done, you have completed a deal. Or you can ask the merchant to complete a deal and if the merchant have access to system, he/she can complete the deal from his system for you.
Yes you can do it by navigating to "Pending Deals" screen -> click on 'Claim to Complete'. Then you will get a pop-up to be filled by the merchant using your phone.
Yes you can do it by calling a merchant if the deal term mentions that the deal can be used for delivery purpose.
This needs to be stated to the merchant and you need to request the merchant to write to us about the same and we will adjust the same. You can also use the contact us form to state the issue to us if you face any difficulty from the merchant.
Please write to us your query on admin@deallionaires.com